Monday, April 03, 2006

Rejuvenated mama

I am one rejuvenated mama after this past weekend. A new hair cut and a weekend of outside bliss. JB had a company ride day on Friday so he went riding in the morning but then came home early in the afternoon. It was in the 70's on Friday. We decided to invite some friends of ours over at 4:00 to make pizza and have a beer on the deck. Boy was that just what I needed after being stuck inside sick for so long. It was such a great day. Saturday morning JB took Sal and Enzo food shopping (bless his soul) so I could get some yard clean up. It was amazing to be outside in my yard working without constantly being on the lookout for the kids. I got most of our flower beds raked out but there are still more to go. Sunday morning Enzo and I did more yard cleanup. The most exciting part is we planted out peas in our veggie garden. He was very excited.

I had been having the bug to cut my hair off again. I get this quite often. Especially after having babies. My hair is so wonderful when I am pregnant but then after the baby is born it turns to crap for the next year after that. So it was too long and driving me crazy so I got it chopped. Oh well it will grow back.

It isn't as warm today but I feel so great after spending so much time outside this weekend. It was just what I needed to get me through this week.

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Nuclear Mom said...

I hear you on the hair thing. Mine has this funky layer growing out that is nearly 2" now. After I weaned Leif I shed badly and it is growing back now. I hate it.

Congrats to Sal on his steps! Wow!!