Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring has sprung

Life is good again. My sinus infection has pretty much cleared. I have finally felt like I am living above water for the past two days. The sun decided to show itself in our dark state and the warm weather came with it. Spring is here! For this week at least. It felt so great to get outside in our yard with Sal and Enzo yesterday and today. Enzo and I decided to make a garden journal. So yesterday we made it out of construction paper and string. We made maps of our garden and I drew them in the book. Enzo helped me list out what veggies we want to grow this summer and then we plotted out on our map where they will get planted. Today we worked on decorating the cover and next we have to start on the maps of the flower gardens. It has been a great project so far. Enzo and I built a bean stalk for our beans and peas to grow up.

Today outside we started raking out the side of the garden that has his digging hole and his wildflower garden. He gets one side and the other side is the veggie garden. I will take some pictures tomorrow of the "before" planting. He really enjoyed raking the leaves into a huge pile and hen jumping in. I had let Sal loose on the ground. Keeping my eye on him while I raked nearby. The kid is too quick though. Next thing I new he had a huge wad of dirt in his mouth. Yum.

Being outside today made me realize how much I love the warmer months. I really enjoy the coming of spring. It lifts my spirits and refreshes my winter weathered soul. Digging in the dirt is very therapeutic for me. I feel alive again.


Nuclear Mom said...

Love the pictures! Both kids are gorgeous. Enzo is such a striking little boy, such pretty eyes.

Like you I am looking forward to the garden. Just a month ago I was whining about it saying I wasn't going to plant this year and didn't want to deal with it, even suggested I give up my plot for a shed. Then I got my Sunset magazine, the weather turned and my mind was changed.

What are you planting?

rockergirrl said...

In our veggie garden we are going to plant tomatoes, squash, lettuce, beans, peas and a few pumpkins. We also do a small plot for Enzo to grow wildflowers. I am more excited to get my hands on the perennial gardens now that we own the house. I never wanted to change anything when we rented but now I feel like I can. Not that there is much to change becasue she did a great job building them. But it will give me a chance to make my mark on the yard a bit.