Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On my own again

I have been spoiled the past few weeks. First we had JB's father in town visiting for a few days and most recently JB's mother has been staying with us. We live three hours from my family and half way around the world from JB's so seeing family is a treat for us. Although we have a tiny house I love having people stay here. It is a great break from being alone with the kids all day. So we had a great time with JB's Dad and then his mother came last Friday and is leaving tomorrow. I have really enjoyed the company. Since having children I have begun to miss having family around. There are days when staying home full time gets very lonely. I am trying to meet people but it is just damn hard these days. I would love to be able to drop the kids off at the grandparents house sometime or have them visit more. There are days I just want to pack it all up an move home to be closer to family.

I grew up with all of my relatives and lots of family friends in my life. I guess now that I have children I am missing that part of my past. I want to recreate what I remember but it seems like no one is around. People sometimes seem so busy these days to get together anymore.

So I am on my own again as of tomorrow. I will be at the local park with my kids looking to meet someone new. Why do I feel like I am dating again?

Let's gather, let's greet, let's be merry and drink.

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Nuclear Mom said...

I hear you on the family thing. The concept of dropping kids off with grandparents for an afternoon seems like a dream.