Friday, April 21, 2006

Loosening the grip

How as parents do we learn to balance keeping our children safe while allowing them to learn and grow in this crazy scary world? I have been pondering this question since becoming a parent 4 1/2 years ago. As Enzo gets older I find myself having to let him go a little bit more each day. At the playground as he climbs higher and higher I stop myself from always saying "be careful honey". Each day I see a new obstacle that with my guidance he must learn to over come. We can help guide them and teach them the lessons of life to prepare them for their own flight. We cannot however control the world in which we live. I would love to though.

Yesterday my sister and her family were at a local baseball game. Her youngest daughter (age 5) was playing with a group of children and fell on something which cut her skin from the base of her spine to the top. She ended up in the ER. She is fine. She had stitches but she is fine. It was terrifying for my sister though. It was one of those situations that just happen sometimes. As much as we want to have total control all of the time we simply can't. Every single day I try to tell myself this. To be ok with this and let my children live. I do of course but I now understand why my mother worried so much. Why each time I left the house and said "don't worry mom I will be fine", "I don't know where we are going", "I'll be back later, don't worry." Don't worry. Don't worry. How on earth is a mother not going to worry. I will sleep with one eye open when my children start driving around town too. For now though I have to be ok with play dates, older kids and letting go just a little bit more each day.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Kids drive? Oh no, we are going to have 100% safe teleportation by then. ;) I remember when a group tried to raise the driving age when I was a kid... I was APPALLED. Now I know why... they were all moms. And I want to join their cause.