Sunday, March 12, 2006

JB's birthday

JB turned 34 today. We all went out for breakfast at our favorite spot. We used to eat there every weekend for the past 5 years but ever since I stopped working it was one of the things that had to get cut so this was a special treat. Our friend who is a waitress there brought him a piece of cake when we were finished and all of the wait staff sang happy birthday to him. It was really nice. We were planning on driving up Mt Phillo and walking around in the woods with the kids but when we got there the road was closed so we decided to attempt a short hike. It is a small mountain but the trail is steep and we did not bring the backpack for Sal so all I had was my sling. Not the best for hiking but we made it work. We had a nice small hike at least. We then came back home and Enzo and I put frosting on the cake I had baked the night before. After cake and ice cream I told JB to get out of the house and go enjoy a few hours to himself so he went downtown, grabbed some coffee and walked around browsing in bookstores. We had a nice day. I hope he enjoyed it. He says he did but I just get weird about birthdays these days. I have always been a big birthday fan. Of mine and other people's. Pre kids we always had big parties with friends etc but these days it is difficult to just do the basics for each other. I always want to give him the world and make him feel extra special on his big day. He is finishing off his night playing video games right now so I think he is happy.


Nuclear Mom said...

Oh darn, we missed it! I know Hans would have loved to call him. Like you, I love celebrating birthdays, anyone's birthday really.

jb said...

i had a wonderful birthday, my sweet, really.