Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stop and smell the children

I was in Costco with both of my children the other day when another Mom with two kids walked by me with her cart and I heard her with frustration in her voice say "oh come on you guys I am so tired of this right now." Not sure what the situation was but oh I have I been there many many times while out shopping with my kids. Just at that moment though an older and wiser woman who had also heard this mothers frustration offered this advice to her. She said "Just remember, these times are tough but they go by so fast."

How right she is. It is so easy to forgot sometimes. It is so easy to get caught up in these short moments of frustration with our children. To get annoyed that perhaps our day is not going as "we" plan it. We sometimes forget that once you have children how "we" plan our days don't really matter anymore. Sometimes I find that when I just simply let go and not let all the little things in my day add up I feel more sane.

I have been struggling a lot since become a SAHM with mothering my 4 year old. He is willful, feisty and can be very temperamental at times. Oh he reminds me a lot of myself as a child (and now). Too much sometimes. It takes incredible patience on my part to get through my days without losing my mind. As with many stressors in life though I am realizing "this too shall pass". I try to remember this advice each day. It is also nice to get these little reminders from strangers (even at Costco) that even though these days can be challenging with small children, they soon will grow up and these moments will be gone. I am going to choose to ride out these stormy waves and instead focus on the mellow ones.

So remember to stop and smell the roses today. Whether or not you have children - this is about choosing to focus on the positive things in your daily life and try to let go of the little things that may seem like they are important at the time.

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Nuclear Mom said...

I needed that advice on President's Day. I so wanted a great day home with Leif and NOTHING was going right and he was cranky, and not feeling well and that damn tooth... You get the feeling. I was wishing I was at work instead. Then felt horribly guilty for wishing that. Good advice.