Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wool nursing pad review

I am on day two of wearing my new wool nursing pads. They are insane. Hands down the best thing I have used so far. I just can't believe it took me two kids to finally find them. I ordered them from Danish Wool

Misconception #1 - Isn't wool itchy? I think of itchy thick winter sweaters when I think of wool. These are not itchy at all. They are so incredibly soft. Better than the plastic feeling disposable I have been wearing and even better than the cotton ones.

Misconception #2 - Isn't wool too hot? they are not too hot. Wool is breathable and keeps you warm in the cold months and cool in the summer months. These can be worn all year round. In fact breastfeeding mothers are advised to keep their breasts warm to help prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. After suffering from over almost 10 plugged ducts this year these were absolutely heavenly to put on. I HIGHLY recommend them.

The following info is taken from their website. Visit their website for more info but here are the basic selling points.

>Most women need only 2 pairs for the entire nursing period. When one pair feels wet, let it dry while wearing the second pair. Lanolin's cleansing properties keep the wool fresh and hygienic.

>The wool can absorb up to 40% of its weight without feeling wet. When the pads do feel wet, they're warm, not cold and clammy as with cotton or disposable pads.

>Your skin is kept dry and able to breathe, allowing sore nipples to heal.

>Scandinavian midwives have, for centuries, advised mothers to protect their breasts from wind and cold to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. Larger sizes give protective coverage over greater a portion of the breast.

>When needed, wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild hair shampoo, alternating with LANACare 20% Lanolin-Soap. LANA's lanolin-replenishing soap has a much higher lanolin content than most other wool-washes and will keep your pads feeling soft and soothing

So there you go. They rock. Buy some.

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