Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Salvatore!

Two years ago today my littlest guy was born. Today Salvatore turns two! If interested read my birth story here .

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday. My parents came up for the event and we also invited a small group of our friends over. The weather was lovely and we were able to be outside. I made a two layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It was yummy. Sal had a wonderful time. He was most amazed by the 15 balloons we bought for him that morning. His only request for the party was balloons and a bowl of booty. He got what he wanted. He received some wonderful gifts from our friends (thank you everyone), a trike from us and our family pitched in (thanks everyone) with us to buy a swing set for the both of the boys. Because of his older brother we are all set in the toy and book dept so we thought it would be a nice to get a swing set for both of them to use.

Little Sal it has been amazing having you in our lives. You have such a wonderful quiet yet crazy personality. You can sit and get absorbed in a book or digging in your garden spot but there are still many moments when you are only satisfied having me hold you. I will cherish every moment when you walk over to me and desire my arms around you. Your vocabulary has bloomed and it is music to my ears when you speak and show me your world through your words now. The other day when you came up to me, put your arms around my neck and said "I luv mommy" I thought my heart would melt into a puddle on the floor. I think it did.

Thank you sweet boy. Thank you for bringing such joy into my life. Thank you for being a friend and brother to Enzo. Thank you for choosing us.

Happy Birthday little guy. We love you so much.


Trula said...

That was very sweet to read.


Nuclear Mom said...

Happy birthday Sal! His gift is on the way if he hasn't received it yet. (Hope he doesn't have it already!)