Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My day

My birthday yesterday was delightful. JB took the day off which made it so special. I went to the most amazing garden center in the morning (by myself) and bought lots of flowers for my front window boxes. I came home and was able to plant them while he watched the kids. We spent the rest of the day in yard working on putting our new swing set together. The weather was just perfect. We had a quick early pasta dinner and then had some cake and ice cream. My mom & dad sent me a gorgeous basket of flowers, JB got me this awesome belt I had been crushing at Made Boutique for months, JB's parents got me a gift card to Gardener's Supply, and the boys gave me the painted projects they made at the paint a pot shop. Enzo's gift was light switch which is now rocking the wall in my kitchen and Sal gave me a painted elephant to hang. I love my boys.

The evening ended well by JB and I going out for a couple of drinks with some friends after we put the boys to bed while a friend babysat as my birthday gift. Thanks Kylbl!

I had many happy birthday wishes come through the phone, email and blogging community. Thanks to everyone! Usually I get bummed out when people forget my birthday. It seems like each year the numbers increase as we age and build families etc. This year it was three of my closest friends who forgot. It bummed me out but I didn't let it get to me as hard as I have in the past. It was a wonderful day and I am grateful for what I had.

birthday flowers from my mom & dad

belt I had been crushing from JB

my boys holding up their handmade gifts

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Nuclear Mom said...

Aww! Happy belated birthday!