Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hand to hold

As I prepare to send my oldest child to Kindergarten this fall I find myself confronting many issues around the idea of letting go. Fall seems so far away but really since school now starts the last week of August it seems already as if my summer is being robbed. Although being home with him all day is challenging all of a sudden I just don't want to let him go 5 days a week to full time school (we don't have half days here). I know it is good for him, I know he is going to absolutely love school, and I know this is just the first steps of many to come. I can't help myself from getting choked up each time I think about it though. In four short months I will be letting go. Letting go of my little boy into the world of public school. From that day on for the next 12 years he will be spending more time in that building than in my home. I am just simply not ready.

Here is a nice article called Hand to Hold I found on today relating to this topic.

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