Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gardening is great for kids

Gardening has become a passion of mine. I am very much still a beginner but every year I learn more and more. Much like parenting gardening takes patience and time, and one will never truly master it. Also like parenting you need to take it day by day, provide food, time and care. Gardening is therapeutic for me. If I am having a bad day there is nothing like ripping out weeds to take out my frustration of even the simple act of standing still watering my flowers and taking in their beauty and scents can calm my nerves.

Gardening is also a wonderful activity for children. The act of planting a seed, learning to water it each day and watching it grow is a wonderful lesson for them. My children love helping me plant and water. Every day the run outside to see if any of our seeds have sprouted and when the veggies get big there is nothing better than having them pick right from our garden and then watch me cook them up for dinner. The lessons learned about the earth, where our food comes from and recycling is priceless. My children know that when we rake our leaves we either add them to our compost or bring them to our local center which turns them into compost that we then buy from them to put back into our yards.

Spring has sprung and summer is coming. You don't always have to find summer camps and endless activities to keep your children occupied this summer. Look around you and in your own backyard and you will be amazed at what you can find to do.

If you don't have a yard or live in a city do not fret. Container gardening is just as rewarding. Everything from flowers, herbs and so many vegetables can be grown in containers.

happy digging.

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