Wednesday, February 28, 2007

being sick sucks

I have never been a good sick person. Many people I know can get a cold and go on with their lives. Ever since I was a young child a simple cold will put me in bed for days. Sunday night I started to feel a bit congested but since I have chronic allergies I thought it was because I had worked in my basement all day. I woke up Monday morning and realized I was wrong. I had a cold. I sent JB to work and just stayed mellow and indoors with the boys all day. By the time JB got home from work I was wiped and needed to lay down on the couch. I was sick indeed. When I woke up Tuesday morning I had to make the tough decision to have John stay home from work.

Being sick a few years ago when I was working full time was different. If I was so sick that I couldn't (or shouldn't) go into the office JB would drop Enzo off at daycare, go to work and I would rest all day in a quiet house. Now I have two kids and I no longer have that luxury. It is exhausting staying home full time with two kids. It is even more so when you don't feel well. There is no such thing as nap time for mom. So when I woke up Tuesday morning I told JB that if I was working outside of the home there is no way I would go in to work. Because I was this sick I had to ask him to call out from work to stay home so I could try and get some rest. Although I couldn't check out completely (it is hard to sleep when all you hear are children screaming and running around downstairs)but I did manage to nap twice and rest a lot more.

So now it is Wednesday and I did the same. It is so weird how in this country we feel so incredibly guilty when we get sick and need to take care of ourselves. I firmly believe that if people would stop at the first sign of a cold, get in bed and take care of themselves for the first few days, they would heal faster and spread less germs. Instead because of the pressure they feel from their company and or lack of sick leave policies people push themselves, go into work sick, spread all their germs, end up being sick for longer and getting half of their office sick too. Just because you think the company will crumble without you for a couple of days you instead hurt the company more because so many people get sick.

I have to say I am glad to not deal with that office shit anymore. I hated seeing people push themselves to the limits. Someday we will realize the healthier we are in mind and body the more productive we are at our work as well.

Listen to you bodies, trust your instincts and take care of yourself.

off to sip some lemon tea with honey now.



Nuclear Mom said...

LOL! Here I sit at work with my stack of Kleenex around me (really need to move that trash can closer...)

I agree with you in principal, but in application it is more complicated IMO. My company can so run without me. For me it is more complicated right now with my pending maternity leave.

If I were out for the last 5 work days I have been sick with a cold, that is 5 sick days. After three I need a doctor's note. Not to mention what taking 5 sick days would do to my maternity leave, I would have one week less paid off.

So I could be sitting in front of my TV at home, or I can sit at my desk in my office warding people off with threats of biological contamination should they dare enter my office! ;)

rockergirrl said...

great point nuclear mom - people feel the pressure because of the work environment in this country. Most people would prefer to be home I am sure when they are sick. Some are lucky to have sick leave at all. Most people do not. I get that. Most people cannot afford to take a day off to care for themselves because their company doesn't give them any sick time.

The fact that your maternity leave would get cut short is a sad fact in this country too. It is short enough as it is. I have friends who are not even offered short term disability benefits from their company to use as partial paid maternity leave. That is a whole other topic I am won't get into at this time.

get better soon :)

rockergirrl said...

I would like to add - My frustrations come from my feelings about the work ethics in America in general. I feel that because of pressure to perform and more likely lack of sick leave policies - people are not allowed to care for themselves. I was venting mostly from my experiences in an office where people can take a few days off here and there if sick and still they do not.

Stacie said...

It is awful in this country that you have to feel bad about taking care of yourself and that you have to try to finagle your days to make it all work out right. At my last job there were only a couple employees and I would have to work by myself a lot to close the place in the evening so if I was sick, I just had to suck it up and deal otherwise it would have been a huge problem to get someone else to work instead. It was impossible. The boss wasn't going to come in to work to take your place, especially if she had her own plans, like being on the golf course for the whole entire day. If you were half dead, you still had to come in and everyone would step over you. It's like you looked like the lazy one for trying to take it easy and get better. Customers would come in sick all of the time and sneeze and hack all over me and get me sick, so it was almost like screw them, they can get sick from me too if I have to be stuck being there. Thank goodness I didn't have any kids, because I can imagine the extra layer of difficulty that would have added to the situation. Anyway, the job totally sucked so I'm glad not to be working there anymore.