Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day blizzard

**Update - they are now saying this is the second biggest snowstorm in Vermont history. We also just set a new record for most snow fallen in a 24 hour period in VT.

The first three pictures were taken yesterday at about 4:00pm. By that time it had been snowing nonstop all day. JB started shoveling around 2:00pm to get on top of it. At 2pm we had about 12" two hours later when he finished and I snapped these pictures were up to about 16". The snow kept coming and by 8:30pm we were at about 22". The final tally now is 25.7 inches.

The last two pictures I took this morning after the snow had stopped.

I haven't seen this much snow in a long long time. At one point last night I started to feel a bit claustrophobic as I watched the snow pile up and cover our doors. We had to keep up with clearing out our gas meter and our gas exhaust vent. The fire dept already made several trips to homes last night because of exhaust vents being covered in snow and high levels of carbon monoxide were found in a few of the homes. I know one person was brought to the ER because of it. Then at about 7pm our heater stopped blowing hot air. It would only blow out cold. I got a bit nervous at this point. We have a wood stove so I was not worried about getting heat. I just wanted to make sure our heater was not faulty in anyway. Of course the gas company was flooded with calls. We ended up restarting the heater, vacuuming out the filter and making sure our exhaust was clear. luckily this worked. We put the kids to bed, opened up an incredible bottle of wine that a friend brought us from Chili several years ago (thanks RS) and toasted to an eventful Valentines day.

FYI - if your exhaust gets covered with snow or ice it can build up a dangerous level of carbon monoxide in your home. Whether or not you live in a wintery place - you NEED to have a carbon monoxide detector on every level in your home. We had horrible tragedy happen here about a year ago where a faulty heating system killed one student and injured many others in an apartment building due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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