Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend update

I love when weekends feel complete. A complete weekend for me is when I feel like I had a balance of family time, me time and house time. These weekends are rare, but when they come they feel wonderful.

Friday started out the festivities. Enzo and I had a date night. Our local science center has special events for pass holders when they are opening a new exhibit. They invite all pass holders to a special preview of the exhibit on a Friday evening. This time it was for an event called Frog World. We received the postcard in the mail a week ago and Enzo has been counting down the days ever since. We have been trying to do more alone time with each kid and Enzo is loving it. He very seldom ever gets me all to himself so it was a special treat. We ate pizza with JB when he got home from work and then we took off for our Frog World date night. It was a blast.

Saturday morning I headed out at 8:30 am with two of my girlfriends for a day of kid sale shopping and followed up with a baby shower for a mutual friend of ours. I had done all my food shopping on Friday so I could be gone for half the day and not stress about it. We stopped at a local baby/kid boutique that resells clothing and other goods. They were having a mega sale. I picked up a wooden two sided art board for the kids for $15.00. It rocks. We had a broken table top one but they could not use it at the same time. I was psyched to score this. After the shopping spree we headed to a baby shower. The shower was for a former coworker of mine so just about everyone who attended I knew. It was so great to hang out with friends. Oh if I didn't mention this earlier I left both boys home with JB during this Saturday exhibition. Even more I enjoyed the car rides with my friends. I usually don't get a chance to talk to anyone without the boys tugging at my legs. It was a wonderful outing.

Sunday we stayed around the house. JB and I took turns working in the basement. We are working on turning a section of the basement into a studio office. I have been using it as my jewelry studio by working on an old table down there. We finally moved this incredible work bench that was left when we bought the house from one end of the basement into this space. This work bench will now be my jewelry work area and JB is going to set up a desk so he can have a space for working on his projects as well. I am so excited to finally get this space finished. The basement itself is not finished so it is cold in the winter but it is so great to have a space for my work. I will post pictures as it starts coming together more. Sunday night I stayed up way too late to watch the Oscars. I thought my allergies were bothering me from working in the basement all day but low and behold when I woke up today it feels like more of cold.

Oh well. Welcome to Monday. At least the weekend was good.

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Vince said...

We'll be working on this now that we have our own house. I can see projects lining themselves up in my sleep. No kids that I know of yet though, we have dogs to feed, exercise and clean up after.