Monday, February 05, 2007

Give me a break

On Thursday Feb 1 Bush said the following about childhood obesity.
"Childhood obesity is a costly problem for the country. It puts stress on American families. And we believe it is necessary to come up with a coherent strategy to help folks all throughout our society cope with the issue". read the story here

What a frickin' joke. It is because of his No Child Left Behind act that our children get about 5 minutes of play time outside at school. Physical education is being cut so students can prepare for his stupid tests. No I don't think it is only up to the schools to get our kids in shape but since they spend the majority of their days at school it sure would help.

How about this for a plan?

1. Gym and outside time is a requirement for school systems to make the grade from now on.
2. Soda and candy machines be banned from schools
3. School lunches get an overhaul
4. How about we start grading our schools on the how healthy are kids are instead of his standardized tests? You can pump these kids full of testing all you want but if they continue to stay as unhealthy as their futures consist of more issues than where to find a job.
5. Parents wake up and realize their kids eat like shit because they allow it. Model good eating habits at home. No we can't control our kids every move when they leave the house but at least if they are eating well at home they have a better shot.

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holly said...

"Physical education is being cut so students can prepare for his stupid tests."

w to the ord.