Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I did vax both of my kids. I chose to do selective and delayed vaxing however. What this means is I educated myself on each of the vaccinations that were going to be given to my child and I chose which ones I wanted to give them and which ones I didn't. I also chose to have some separated out instead of always giving 4 different ones at the same time. Selective and delayed vaxing is becoming a common for parents who are the fence about vaccinations. In case anyone is interested - I delayed the Hep-B until the kids were older than infants, I spread out a few of the clusters of multiple vaxs at once and I completely opted out of giving both of my children the Chicken pox and the flu vax.

I will never preach to anyone that you should or shouldn't give your children vaccinations. I believe every parent has to do what feels right for them.

But I will preach about educating yourselves so you can make the right choices for your family. Remember that when you walk into your pediatricians office you have the right to ask about any shots they are getting that day. You have the right to ask any questions and even refuse if it is something you are not sure of.

In the news lately has been the vaccination for HPV. It is already mandatory in the state of Texas. I know a rep in VT is now trying to pass a bill to have it be mandatory here as well. I urge everyone to read and educate themselves on this new vaccine as much as possible. I am not for or against this vaccine yet. I just get worried when Merck comes out with a new vaccine and then goes on a huge campaign add selling it as a "cancer" vaccine scarring America out of it's wits, then all of a sudden every state is making it mandatory for young pre puberty girls, Merck makes millions and we don't even know the long term effects of this drug . I just think we need to be careful and cautious.

Also in the news today the FDA issued a warning on an infant vaccine for childhood diarrhea. Read the story here.


Leslee said...

I just happened to stumble upon your website a while ago and its interesting that you bring up vaccinations, cause my kids aren't vaccinated...I am from Canada, and of course not vaccinating is frowned upon here, but thats interesting that you are spreading them out...I like the idea of that. My husband wanted to vaccinate our kids, but it's something that you can't compromise on, so we didn't. We thought if we ever go away somewhere where we really need them, then we will just get them done then, when they are older and can handle them better.
If you want to see my blog I can give you access, just ask!

rockergirrl said...

leslee I would love to. email me here

Nuclear Mom said...

You have excellent points. We waffled on the chicken pox vaccine, ended up going with it and Leif still got chicken pox (albeit a milder case). While waffling we spoke with our doctor who was incredibly respectful of our thoughts and reasons. Now they are saying that kids are not fully immunized from chicken pox if they got the vaccine and they need a booster. Frankly, I am happy Leif got the mild case as well.

As a discussion board addict nothing drives me more insane then seeing "I read on the internet I shouldn't vaccinate, so I didn't". But I far more respect people who say, "I talked it over with my doctor and these are the reasons I delayed (or didn't) vaccinate".

You guys are good parents.