Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comcast can kiss my

Our local cable company Adelphia got switched to Comcast. We received a happy letter from Comcast on Monday saying on Tuesday our cable services would be officially switched over and they then went and listed all the wonderful benefits we would now have because Comcast has entered our lives. Cable is honestly not something I care too much about. We rent DVR though them but we only have basic cable. We were so sick of Adelphia that I actually welcomed a newcomer. Hoping maybe there would be some good changes. I was wrong.

My kids don't watch a lot of TV. When Enzo does watch TV it is on PBS. On Wednesday I went to turn on a show for him on PBS and a message came on my screen saying "This channel is not available. Call this number to order" So I called customer service to find out about what I thought would be a mistake. Oh no. Vermont PBS is no longer available in our channel listing. I said "WHAT? You canceled PBS? Who in their right mind would remove PBS?" I was told some round about bull answer. She pretty much had no idea what to tell me. There is another version of PBS available but the Vermont PBS station is not. I am a Vermont resident and I cannot get Vermont Public TV? Insane.

Issue # 2 happened today. Since PBS was out of the question I decided to check out the "On Demand" listing. Free kids shows from various stations are available. So I turn it on to browse through the kids listing and blaring in the left side of the TV is this super violent preview. In Adelphia you only got those if you chose to enter the movie section. Now with Comcast it is there in your face while just searching through even the kid stuff. I called to ask if it can be turned off and of course the answer was no.

I am over Comcast and I cannot wait to ditch them. I am very fortunate to have an alternative available to me in about one more month.

Burlington is extremely lucky because as I type the city is being set up with an alternative. Burlington Telecom is providing a state of the art telecommunications network for the city of Burlington. What this means is we finally have an option. We now have another choice for our cable, internet and telephone needs. I have one more month to wait until the services are available in my neighborhood. I can't wait to say goodbye to the big corporation.

So bye bye Comcast crap. Take Vermont PBS away from a Vermonter and you are taking business away from yourselves. Burlington Telecom is offering it. I can imagine there will be a lot of angry parents and other fans of VT PBS who will do the same.


Nuclear Mom said...

No PBS? That is just ridiculous.

Glad to hear you have another option coming available!

Stacie said...

Isn't that awful! I can't believe that you can live in Vermont and not be able to get Vermont PBS. I guess you can do what those of us who live out in the boondocks with no cable service do, just use the TV with a pair of rabbit ears and the Vermont PBS station will come in just fine. It would probably even work without. Do new TVs these days even come with an antenna? Probably not. Right now we get PBS, WPTZ, and WCAX at our house and that's it. Also, another good option for something to watch is that our library has an excellent selection of new DVDs that you can take out for free, which is something I really enjoy.
I totally agree Adelphia was horrible and Comcast is probably worse. It is really evil. It is a total rip-off. I know so many people who can't get cable or choose not to utilize their services even if it is available. All they watch is PBS. I hope the new Burlington cable ends up being what you hope.
Oh, good luck at your event tomorrow. I hope the weather doesn't deter people from coming out for it. Sell lots and lots of stuff and have fun!!!

rockergirrl said...

Thanks stacie. It is snowing so hard right now I hope we don't have to cancel. I am so fed up with cable that since we don't get any of the bells and whistles anyway I think I am ready to just say bye bye until burlington telecom is available. It will be hard letting go of the DVR though which b.telecom doesn't offer either. You get so used to having it with kids since you can't always watch what you want when you want. It is just a nice to have though.

Nuclear Mom said...

You can get Tivo (independent DVR, $15 a month) to use with your new Burlington Telecom service. We have Tivo and it works great. I know how JB likes the DVR!

Another option depending on your computer is to get DVR for your computer with media software. We have cable going into our computer and can record TV shows there and watch on the computer or burn them to DVD and watch on our TV.

rockergirrl said...

hot dang thanks for the advice. We both have become quite addicted to the DVR. I have to say it was a wonderful invention and for parents it is a life saver sometimes.

John said...

Sadly Burlington Telecom is not going to work with Tivo. Tivo only works with a standard cable signal, I'm told, and BT delivers TV over IP (internet protocol). The nerd in me drools over the fact that we will get a 5 megabit fiber-optic connection to our house (as much as my whole workplace of 200 people shares), but not having DVR service is a bummer.

BT says they will have a DVR device sometime, but their hardware provider has not committed to a time to provide it yet.