Friday, August 03, 2007


My mom is out of the hospital Things are still unknown right now and I will post more as I know more but for now I would rather not. Life changes and family changes and we will get through whatever obstacles are ahead because that is what families do.

Enzo has his first loose tooth. I can't believe it. The dentist noticed it a few months ago at his cleaning but it wasn't until recently that it became all wobbly. He seems too young to me (he will be 6 in October) but the dentist said it happens between ages 6 and 7. I is yet another milestone. A big one for me though. the change of teeth. I am not a Waldorf purist by any means. My children do not even attend Waldorf schools. I have however been reading Waldorf inspired parenting books since I was pregnant and have incorporated many aspects of it into our home life. In Waldorf world the change of the teeth is a significant time for children. It demonstrates physical changes as well as an awakening to the world which eventually leads to the child exiting the early childhood behind.

I already see many changes in him both physically and mentally. I am so proud to watch this growth but at the same time I cannot deny a slight sadness I feel as well.

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