Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recent Toy recalls

Everyone is in a tizzy over the latest recall. Everyone agrees something needs to be done. My solution? Stop spending money on these companies who choose to continue to use factories which are not abiding by our laws. We can blame China as a whole all we want but the reality is the company who chooses where their manufacturing will be done. It is up to the company to make sure the factories are producing products which pass our countries laws and standards. It is up the the company to do better testing etc. China is not all to blame. Fisher Price, Mattel and so on are also to blame. So stop supporting them. Choose to spend your money on better quality products. Choose to spend your money on a company who isn't shoving characters and kid advertising down our throats.

so that is my two cents. Don't ban just the country of China. Look also at the offending businesses that continue to choose factories that they fail to oversee properly.

Here are some alternatives
Rosie Hippo
Nova Natural
And for a plastic alternative Playmobil - Playmobil is a European company who makes high quality plastic toy figures and settings. Most of their products are for older children but they do now have a line called 1*2*3 for the little ones. The pieces are bigger etc. I love their products and my kids love their products. It is the only plastic stuff we own. They engage a child's imagination. They don't just just spin around making stupid noises.

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Dad said...

Not an excuse for the companys here, that have their product made in China, but it is my understanding that when they inspect the Chinese factory, it is a front, producing a limited supply of legal stuff, while down the street is the major factory making the illegal product to be shipped to the states.
something is definitly wrong with the system!!
Keep plugging at them.
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