Friday, August 17, 2007

Sprout Natural Parenting is opening a store on Church Street in October. They currently have a store in Brattleboro VT.

Here is a blurb from their brochure:

Sprout is a retail storefront and online store dedicated to natural parenting. New England's most comprehensive and holistic natuarl parenting store. Everything you need for the pregnant mom, baby and young child: slings and carriers, cloth diapers, organic and ecofriendly children's clothing and shoes, breastfeeding support & supplies, gear, furniture, books & resources, natural health, nursing & maternity wear, wooden, waldorf & montessori toys

They also have a changing station, play cubbies, nursing chair, gift registry, shipping & phone orders.

Sprout was voted "Best of Vermont Eco-conscious Baby Shop" by Boston Magazine in 2007

they will be located at 110 Church street in October. For those local folks they are talking over the space where Discover Channel store used to be.

The brattleboro location is 57 elliot street, brattleboro 802-254-2600

online store coming soon

Yeah I am pretty much going to camp out the night before they open and probably just end up living in their store. It is about time we got a store like this. I have been dreaming of doing something like this one day but at least someone is doing it and doing it very well it seems.


MamaC said...

Hi Kacey, I hope you're having a good vacation! Give us a call when you get back...Sprout wants YOU! :)

silent_panacea said...

Hey! I came across your blog while trying to find info on Sprout, so i just wanted to say Hello! I'm a new mommy, to a 2 month old and am soooo excited to have a store like Sprout in this area, as you are too i see :)
take care!

greentaramama said...
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greentaramama said...

We are a Vermont Local Family Business as well. We are currently home based, as a homeschooling family, but we are looking for store space now. We are online at