Monday, August 13, 2007

Enzo lost his first tooth today. He actually started crying when it fell out. He was extremely upset because he said he didn't want it to be over. He didn't want it to fall out. It took us a while to calm him down. Enzo has always been an emotional kid. He is very sensitive to things that most kids his age would not even pick up on. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was little. Although he said he was upset because he wanted to keep wiggling the tooth I could tell there was much more going on inside of him that perhaps even he could no verbalize. The phase where a child loses there teeth means they are leaving an part of their childhood behind as they enter a new phase. He of course does not know about this but I am sure there is something inside of him that feels it. I can vividly remember having a hard time with every phase of growing up. Inside I would be very upset at the thought and signs that I was growing up. Perhaps it was because I was the youngest and I felt bad that my parents were losing their baby. Perhaps I was just scared to lose my childhood. I had a small pang in my heart when I watched Enzo cry today. A small part of me wanted to cry with him and for him. A part of me could remember and relate to the mixed emotions one feels when phased with the obstacles, excitement and worry of growing up.

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I cried when I lost my first tooth too. Of course the worst part of it was that it was lost in a bush in our front yard because my grandfather yanked it and lost grip. I was so upset about not having it in hand and no tooth for the tooth fairy. Amazingly, they found it. I STILL do not know how.