Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Day of School

Today was Enzo's first day of school at Kindergarten. He was very excited to go. Yesterday we had open house and we ran into a family who had been in his daycare center when he was a baby. Their son was in the same infant room as Enzo and now they are in the same Kindergarten class. It was really neat seeing them again. Enzo and Lennon became instant buds. It really helped him today knowing he would see Lennon in line for school. It was over before I knew it and I found myself a weeping mess when I got home. The house seemed so quiet with just Sal and I in it. It felt so weird not having Enzo around but I looking forward to spending one on one time with Sal for the first time ever. He only goes half days this week. Next week they go a full day from 8:10-2:30. Despite how hard the morning was for us, Enzo had a wonderful time. When we picked him up he was full of stories and praise.

I have been a bit nervous because we ended up not sending him to our neighborhood school and instead choice an alternative program held at one of the other public schools in town. It is a non graded, multi age classrooms. They mix the Kinderkids and the 1st graders in one class and have the same teacher for those two years. It used to also mix the 2nd graders but because of the No Child Left Behind testing (bullshit) the 2nd graders had to be separated out to start tes prepping. We thought this would be a good program for Enzo because he is entering kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5 I really liked the idea of a multi age room. I have also read wonderful things about multi age classrooms for primary education and talked with many teachers who also believe in it for that level. The non graded aspect also appealed to me for that age group. The program is offered to everyone in the city. They open up slots from all the schools so there ends up being a mix of kids from all over. The downside is we have to drive everyday and since the school is downtown there is no parking so it is a bit of a pain for drop offs and pick ups. All and all we are very excited about this new phase in our lives. I might even become a member of the PTO (gasp).

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Nuclear Mom said...

Oh wow! Wasn't it just yesterday he was a baby and we were all in Anchorage for Christmas? Tell me that the next two to three years in Leif's life are going to move VERY VERY slowly. I am just not sure I can stomach the real school thing. Leif will stay at Montessori for Kindergarten in his same multi-age room (3, 4, and 5 year olds), so our real transition will be to the public school for first grade... unless we wuss out and keep him in Montessori for 1st and 2nd grade (combined).

Good job Enzo!