Friday, June 01, 2007

Moms Who Rock - getting nervous

photo: me at high school talent show 1991

So Sunday is my big show. I will self promote for a minute here again - Sunday 7/3 at Higher Ground I will be participating in a benefit for the Women's Rape Crisis Center of Burlington. It is a called Moms Who Rock and you can read about it here.

So I am starting to get pretty nervous. I have performed only a few times. My first was in Highschool (which is my avatar pic right now) I played my guitar and sang a Sinead O'conner song. Funny huh. I went on to do two more events like that in college. After college I played at a weekly open mic in Southern Vermont at a place called the Red Fox. After moving to Burlington and having kids my playing generally stayed in the basement. I have only done one open mic since moving here (7 years ago). The other bit of important info is that I am not very good. I have been involved in music since picking up the clarinet for school band in middle school, finding the guitar in highschool and involved in chorus and select choir all through high school also. I have also been writing poetry and songs since elementary school and that has been my driving force to sing and play guitar. BUT I am not that good. I am just a person who has an inner drive to write and sing even though I know I will never try out for Americal Idol or anything. I just can't stop. It is what I do and it is what I have to keep doing.

So I am going into this performance on Sunday with an open mind. It is my first time ever singing with a band. It will be my first time and probably last time playing on the stage at Higher Ground. I mean what an opportunity right? That is why I had to jump at the chance. One of the many things that having children and aging has taught me is I can push away my fears a bit easier and just go for it. In an age of American Idol where people are expected to be perfect I just have to hold on to the hope that there are still a lot of great performers out there who have made who would never have even passed the first try out on American Idol.

I am not perfect but I have something to share with the world and nothing will stop me.

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