Sunday, June 17, 2007

7 Years

Saturday JB and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. His parents were in town so they watched the kids while we went out. We started our evening with some drinks at one of our favorite bars. They have the best back patio that reminds us both of bars in San Francisco. We then had dinner at Leunig's Bistro. The meal was excellent but I was a bit bummed on the service. I actually had to get up and as the host for water during our meal because it was never put on our table. Isn't that the first thing put on the table when you sit down? The food was so good it outweighed the bad service. After dinner we stopped at Uncommon Ground for coffee and cookies. We got to sit in the window and watch a fabulous street performer on Church Street. It was a wonderful night.

JB and I met only one year before we were married. We met in May of 1999 in San Francisco. Set up by a mutual friend, we fell fast and furious for each other. We used to frequent a place called Zeitgeist and it is here where we both said je t'aime to each other for the first time. Four months later we found out I was pregnant. Sadly we lost the baby who we call "little" but we knew at this point we were meant to be together . We moved into a tiny apartment a block from Ocean Beach and planned our wedding. We were married 7 months later on June 16. 2000.

After a honeymoon in Mexico we packed a UHaul and left the city that watched us fall in love.

Here is a poem I wrote about JB the month I first met him.

An innocent meeting
in an office bright
Is when you first came
into my sight.
I know it sounds corny
but yet it is true
I never knew what love at first sight was
until I met you.

You made my heart flutter
my soul melt like butter
We spoke or the first time
and that was the sign.

I think you are the reason
I have been looking so long
I think you are the reason
everything up until now has been wrong.

happy anniversary lover.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Happy anniversary!

Such good memories. Zeitgeist was a great bar. And you brought back memories of your wedding day, which was fabulous. And the meal at your wedding was great... and the dancing too!

Congratulations on 7 years guys!