Monday, June 04, 2007

I did it!

Well last night I performed at the Moms Who Rock show at Higher Ground. I was a wreck all day on Sunday. The nerves finally kicked in and I had butterflies all day. JB dropped me off at the venue at 5:00pm where I met up with the other 25 moms who were performing that night. You could see us all scanning the room trying to figure out who could really sing and who couldn't. We got the song order and I learned I would be #21 out of 25 performers. I was pretty bummed. We all took turns going up on stage to get a feel for the mic and the setting. I got a bit nervous when a few of the moms belted out a few notes to test the mic. Um yeah non professions - I think not.

So the show began. JB was there and a group of my friends. I felt a bit better as the show started and several people forgot lines and froze on stage. It made me realize everyone was in the same boat as me. That is until a few of the ladies got up and it was crystal clear these moms have sung in bands before (which was supposedly against the rules) they hit every word, hit every note perfectly and pretty much made me want to puke.

My turn finally came. I waited on the side of the stage as they announced me and read my bio. We were asked why we joined the Moms Who Rock competition. The announcer read my response which was "I want to prove that being a mother is more than playdates and playdough." I was pumped to go up on stage. Walking up the stairs and crossing the stage was the BEST feeling. The band started and I felt very comfortable. I got through my entire performance as I had practiced, didn't miss one word, BUT I sang it completely off key from the band. I knew it but I couldn't fix it and I just decided to give it my all. I was proud I went up there, proud I didn't mess up and freeze on stage. The singing (if you can call it that) was off but man did I rock out and have fun.

The evening ended when they called everyone up on stage to present the gifts that all the performers were getting. A brand new Shure microphone, manicure/pedicure, pot of flowers, gift card to Pizza Put, and a bag filled with soaps organic snacks and goodies. I felt like a winner. Three first place winners were chosen and they got a spa overnight in addition to all the goodies we got. Of course it was the three who obviously sang in bands before. They did a great job and deserve it of course but I did find it a bit irritating that people were allowed to perform who obviously were very experienced at playing with a band and being on stage. It just seemed to go against what it was supposed to be about.

See we never got to play with the band before last night. We were given a cd of the original recording of our song choice and that was it. We had to practice with the cd and then show up to play with a band doing their version of the song. I have never sung with a band before so I had no clue how to try to match them once I was into the song. I am done feeling embarrassed about it. The first time I watched back the video I cringed at the vocals. The second time I watched it I could see beyond the vocals and focus on my stage performance which freakin' rocked. I did look comfortable, I did rock out, I did look like I belonged there. I am going to take this opportunity to push myself harder, practice more, get back out on the open mic scene and keep rockin'.

All in all it was a very successful benefit for the Burlington Woman's Rape Crisis Center and that is what it was really all about. They are truly the winners. Someone at the event even gave a $1,000 check. Amazing!

**Thanks to everyone who came out for the show. The place was packed. Special thanks to my friends who came out to support me and the cause.

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Nuclear Mom said...

You rock! That is so cool!

Simply getting up there and doing that took a lot of guts. And great cause too.

MamaC said...

Your sum-up is right on! You are awesome for getting up there and giving it your all. You had awesome stage presence and really did a great job!