Monday, June 11, 2007

Date night

JB and I before we left.

My $2.o0 outfit.

All of my yardsale finds for $7.00

This weekend started out right with an early morning yard sale adventure with two of my friends. There is this super funky neighborhood in our town that has a sale every year. If you are into funky, vintage items for some reason this street has it all. I usually hit the same house first. I hit the jackpot this year. It is the home to an artist who opens up her backyard studio and sells vintage clothing and nik naks. It picked up 6 pieces of clothing and a table cloth for $7.00. This new clothing came at the perfect time. JB and I were headed out on a date that night. To see our first movie at a theater together in 5 years.

My friend gave me movie tickets and a night of babysitting for my birthday. She is pregnant and due at the end of July so we decided to use the gift now before she give birth. I picked out my outfit from my new selection of clothing. It felt amazing to put on some new clothes and feel comfortable and new for my date. The evening was gorgeous. We had a drink before the movie. It felt so good to be out with JB.

The experience rejuvenated me. I have been feeling frazzled and burnt out. It is amazing what a new outfit and a night out can do to refuel you.

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Nuclear Mom said...

You both look super!

Hans and I need to get out and see a movie too. He keeps mentioning it and I drag my feet. Leif's former teacher has mentioned a few times to me that she will babysit. You are motivating me to sign her up and schedule a date night.