Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rockless night out

Each year I feel my age creeping up on me. Each time I go out I feel it more and more. Last night JB and I went out on the town together. This is a big deal because we go out together maybe twice a year. We can't afford babysitters so we rely on the good will of our favorite neighbors who offer to hang out in our house for free. Because we don't pay them we feel we can only ask a few times. It was our friend's 30th birthday and her husband set up a surprise gathering at a local watering hole called the Red Square. Many locals don't like this establishment because the drinks are over priced (totally), and it gets super crowded with drunk college kids (it is a college town you know). I myself really like Red Square. The decor is dark and artsy, it always has live music, and the two outside seating areas it has in the summer months rock.

Yes I like the Red Square. Even though when you look at the drink menu whether you order local brews such as Switchback or Magic Hat, or you order Labatt Blue - you pay $4.50. I can look past this unfortunate pricing structure and still have a good time.

Last night was filled with good friends, good beers, and so so live music. The plan was to hang out at Red Square until 10:00 and then head over to Nectar's to watch a friend's band play. I knew the band really wouldn't go on at 10:00 - they never do. So we headed home without being able to follow our friends to the second location. Why can't bands just play when they say they are going to play? You know damn well when they say 10:00 show that really means 10:45. That's not right. It's not right that I can't stay up past 11:30 or I will have a massive headache the next day. It's not right that I am no longer able to see live music except for the free concerts in the park that start at 7:00 in the summers.

Do I have to give in to the masses and indulge in Rockband or Guitar Hero in an attempt to artificially feel the sensation of music rushing through my blood? I refuse, I refuse, I refuse

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