Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 things about me

I was tagged to do this on facebook but I thought I would share the list here for my non facebook readers.

1. I suffer from daily chronic headaches. I am good at hiding it. You may see me acting normal but almost every day my head is throbbing.

2. My husband and I only knew each other for one year before getting married.

3. I love talking on the phone

4. I have been writing poetry since I was in elementary school. One of my dreams is to self publish books of my stuff.

5. I have never been to NYC

6. I miss living in San Francisco so much but I can't imagine ever leaving VT again.

7. All of my friends are from random times in my life. I hate how spread out they all are.

8. I love beer. I can't stand liquor or drink wine but the taste of beer is oh so fine.

9. My mother was diagnosed with MS this year and my nephew had his second brain surgery for epilepsy. It has been a tough year.

10. I love gardening. It is like therapy for me.

11. I love staying home with my kids but sometimes I do miss adult interaction.

12. Since having my kids I can no longer drink coffee. I used to drink it daily but now my body can't take it.

13. Sometimes I think the internet has killed my ability to write in my journal. When I pick up a pen now it is hard to actually write with one. I have been keeping a journal since high school but the pages are not filling up like they once did. It bothers me because blogging is such a filtered view on things. I am too afraid to be completely honest on my blog in fear of pissing people off.

14. I am very sensitive to music. A certain artist or song will bring me to tears.

15. I wear an eye mask to bed because other wise I see things in my room at night.

16. I haven't eaten meat in 17 years.

18. I am an Italian, Irish, Gemini who is typically fiery and loud.

19. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

20. I hate watching sports

21. One of the most delightful things in my life is when my two boys climb in my bed on weekend mornings and snuggle until we all get up.

22. I love my two kids more than anything in this world.

23. I have a super close relationship with my mother. She is my best friend and we talk almost daily.

24. I had an emergency appendectomy when I was 7 months pregnant with Sal.

25. I have had 4 different operations and have 5 scars on my body from them.

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