Thursday, January 29, 2009

Non guilty pleasures

One thing not mentioned in my list below is my obsession with Pink. Ok maybe it isn't an obsession, more like a very healthy appreciation for he work. She is one of the artists who makes me cry. I'm not talking about her slow sad songs (well they do too) but also her rockin' songs. I am super sensitive when it comes to music. A certain song if written with the right intensity can make me cry. Pink is one of those artists. For me it is the extreme passion she pours into her music. I had been listening to one of her older albums in my car every day and was psyched to get her latest one Funhouse yesterday. With the kids at school and a mound of housework to do I blasted it as loud as possible and started cleaning. Getting distracted by the computer which (often happens) brought me to check out her website where I watched a video showing her answering a rapid fire of trivia questions. Watching her answers gave me many more reasons to like her. Here two more reasons why I love her so.

1. In the interview when asked the color of her eyes she said "they change with my mood." I haven't met anyone else yet who has changing eye color like mine. On my drivers license my eye color says dic which is short for dichromatic. For many years my license listed my eye color as hazel. Many years ago when I was about 21 I was going out to a bar with a big group of friends to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of our friends. The dude at the door would not let me in the bar because he said my licence said my eyes are hazel and he thinks they are blue. He is the one who should have had DIC stamped on his forward. Anyway it happened a few more times and so I finally went to the DMV and had it changed to a non specific color.

2. When asked what is her favorite guilty pleasure she said "I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures." All I can say is right on!

I don't know what it is about her but I knew if we met we would become fast friends.

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