Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm a Gemini. What do you want?

Call me crazy, call me fickle, call me irritating that I keep making you change your link names, just keep coming back.

Yes I have changed the name of the blog once again. I have had this blog since 2005. When it first started it was called MamaSpeak. At the time this name was a true reflection of what I was writing about. I had just had my second child and quit my full time job to become a SAHM. Writing on the blog became a needed release to get through my day. As the kids grew, and I grew, I took on more roles than just mom. I started my craft business, and eventually my book business, and I found myself writing less personal posts. So at that point I changed the name to Upon Being. This past weekend I was a vendor at a two day craft show. Doing these shows is always very eye opening for me. I have a lot of time to sit and reflect on the work I have done, what I want to do next, and the status of my craft business in general.

I realized a lot this weekend. I realized I need to expand and push the boundaries on the jewelry I have been making. I am ready to learn something new. I realized I need to stop questioning where I am going with Queen City Craft and just make it happen (as my future boss in CA used to tell me everyday). I realized I need to focus on being myself. So this blog is now officially named Rockergirrl which has been the actual url since it started in 2005. Rockergirrl has been my online name since I first jumped on the Internet back in the day. Ok for s short while it was famousone (a nickname from an ex). So there you go. Yes I will be asking you to please change the link name if you have so nicely decided to link me on your blog. I promise I won't change it again.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Since I am a looney tooney super fickle Gemini I have also switched my online shop back to Etsy. I drive myself crazy sometimes. It was a lot of work moving my stuff back. Again, the reason is I feel like I left a good thing hoping the grass would be greener on the other side. It wasn't. So I moved back. Nothing you need to do. All the links on my website and blog now point to my Etsy shop. Just give a peek when you have a chance. It isn't fully stocked yet. I still have a lot to do.


erinn said...

right on!

mandy said...

i hear you, it's hard to figure out what you want to focus on and to figure out business versus personal creativity.