Friday, December 12, 2008

Snowy day reflections

With warm tea in hand I watch the snow falling outside. After a hectic, anxiety filled day yesterday, mother nature has forced me to slow down and reflect. Burlington was the only town in Vermont not to have a snow day today. Ok, maybe not but it sure feels like it. The snow hasn't stopped falling, the roads are terrible but of course Burlington has school. Oh well.

Our Christmas tree is up and our presents are bought. With my crazy holiday craft show schedule behind me I am focus on celebrating the holidays with a warm heart. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Most recently my oldest son Enzo (age 7) was selected to participate in a new program at his school called Project Explore. This program was designed this year to meet the needs of a few of the students who showed a unique interest in learning. It is a cross-curricular exploration of math, literacy, and science, using a visual format. The program takes place once a week for half of the school day. I are so proud of him for being chosen. Students needed to meet and exceed standards in all curricular areas, exhibit initiative and leadership in academic areas, and proceed with assignments easily even if they miss instruction. The last being very important since the students miss half of their class to attend the program. This program is perfect for him. I am thrilled to know the school is thinking out side of the box and creating these programs.

My other son Salvatore is learning and growing so much at preschool. It has been wonderful to watch him interact with other children and come home with stories of play and learning. He is changing and growing so quickly.

I have been loving my adventures in the kitchen. Cooking is another creative outlet for me. I love making good food from scratch. It is cheaper, healthier, better for the environment and easier than one would think.

As you might have noticed I have been posting more recipes lately. I can't give a lot to my friends and family this year but I thought I would give the gift of good food to all. I hope you enjoy the recipes. There will be more coming.

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