Friday, March 02, 2007

If any of you read my studio blog you will know I had a huge craft event tonight. We had to make the tough decision this morning to postpone it. They had been predicting another big storm for us today and into tonight. When we woke up this morning it was messy as all heck and the forecast for the rest of the day into the evening looked even worse. The event was supposed to run from 5-8pm with live music, a cash bar, food and of course lots of handmade goodness to look at (or buy). Since the event was after work and we feared most people would want to head right home because of the storm we decided it was best to postpone it for two weeks. So it has now been moved to Friday March 16th. I am glad we had the option at least to postpone it. It makes me very sad. I worked my butt off to get ready for tonight. At least we don't take the risk of having it tonight and now one showing up because of the weather.

Of course it stopped snowing. frickin' New England weather.

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