Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quick updates

I am going to keep these brief

1. I am sick again
2. Enzo survived his 5 year check up. The shots SUCKED. I chose the road of avoiding the subject before we went. Of course while we were getting our coats on to leave he asked me if he would be getting any shots. I played dumb. Three shots he got. Would have been 4 if I hadn't opted out of the chicken pox one. Watching your 5 year old get shots is WAY worse than the infant ones.
3. Sal's orthopedic appointment went well. He has internal tibial torsion which is the good kind. When I was young hey put you in a leg brace at night but now they just wait it out. Usually it goes away. Mine didn't get better until middle school and according the the dr who saw Sal the other day I still have it. An observation he made while watching us both walk down t he hall.
4. Kindergarten registration was yesterday. I will just say this for now. I want to win the lottery so I can send him to a private one. More on this later.
5. After registration we headed to testing for Enzo's speech issues. Ends up he has the type of stuttering they worry about a bit more. They said there is still a good shot he could outgrow it but they are not sure yet. They suggested for now we make some changes at home like slowing down our speach and daily living .
5. Everyone thought Sal was a girl before his haircut. Everyone thinks Sal is girl after his haircut. We will be growing his hair back out again.

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Vince said...

Humidifier and tons of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) will clear you right up. htto