Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just Breathe

I have an adventures next two weeks coming up. Monday will be a mellow day and then my challenges as a mother begin. They start on Tuesday when I take Enzo to the Dr for his 5 year check up. He is 5 1/2 now so we are a bit overdue. The issue with this weeks visit is that he will be receiving shots for the first time in a few years. As a parent it is so hard bringing your little infant into the Dr to be vaccinated. You never want to see you child in pain. Luckily though they are young enough to not know what is coming. Then the shots stop for a while. The next round is at age 5. They are older, more aware and more resistant. It will be so hard to watch him be so scared but I can do it.

Next up this week is on Friday. Sal will be visiting an Orthopedic Pediatrician for some leg issues he has been having. It is normal for most children around 18 months to walk pigeon toed (feet pointing in). Most grow out of it. Sal however is now 21 months and his right leg is turning in more than his Dr likes so she thought we should have him looked at by an Orthopedic Dr. I am a bit nervous about this because as a child I had a severe case of this that I did not outgrow. By the time I was in 6th grade the Doctors were telling me the next step would be surgery and a full body cast to correct the issue. At the same time several other orthopedic issues sprung up with me and I ended up being hospitalized twice at Mass General in Boston. The second hospitalization was surgery. My fears for him come from my own long history of medical issues. Nothing life threatening but for various issues I have been hospitalized 6 times and I have had 4 surgeries. I never want my children to feel the pain I went through. Isn't that every mothers wish?

Next week on Tuesday is Kindergarten registration for Enzo. Kindergarten in my town is public and full day. He is so ready for it and I am so excited for him to be taking this next step but I can't deny I feel a tinge of sadness to be taking this first big step in letting go.

The day after we register Enzo for kindergarten we have an appointment for some special testing. Enzo has a slight stuttering and articulation issue that his preschool teacher thought we should get tested before he starts school. She told us she doesn't think he will even qualify for help because it isn't that bad but she just wanted to be proactive. He is a super bright kid and in my heart I know he will either grow out of it or just need some minor help with it. Again though as a mother you never want your child to feel insecure. Sending you child off to school even perfect has its risks of childhood ridicule. We all went through it and turned out fine I know. I can't help wanting to protect him from the world though.

So yes I know these are not things to really complain about. Of course I know how lucky I am. I am thankful every day believe me. But I am human and I am a mother and I worry every single day about these kids. So tonight when I go to bed I will breathe a little deeper, say a few extra prayers and look deep within so I can stand tall next to them these next few weeks and be strong and unafraid.

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Nuclear Mom said...

A lot of big stuff going on for you guys this week! Wishing you all the best in all aspects.

I had pretty severe speech impediments when I was growing up. Sounds like Enzo's is minor and should resolve easily with a little therapy (if that).