Sunday, March 11, 2007

First haircut

Sal got his first hair cut on Saturday. He will be two in May and we haven't even given him a trim yet. His hair was super long and lately he begged daily for a "pony" to keep his hair out of his face. Between the food and the snots getting stuck all over his head I felt it was finally time to give him a trim. He looks so different now though I am ready to let it grow out again already.




Vince said...

That cape he's wearing is RAD. I wish I could have something other than a bowl cut when I was younger. Maybe I wouldn't have rebelled with the "reverse mullet" skater cut in later life. Sal is a great name and he looks like John.

Nuclear Mom said...

It's adorable! Lucky child has some curls. I put off Leif's first haircut and it was just getting to the ridiculous point since he has AB's and my stick straight hair. Even so seeing him with a little boy cut afterwards tore my heart!