Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The wonder of fruit salad

My oldest kid has always been a great eater but he is now 5 1/2 and getting picky at times. A few months ago he decided he didn't like oranges anymore and refused to eat them. So instead I pumped him full of other fruits and stayed clear of the oranges for awhile. Until yesterday. For lunch yesterday I decided to try something new. I cut up all the fruit (including oranges) put heaping spoonfuls into bowls, placed the bowls on the table and called "Come on boys, fruit salad on the table". They came a running "fruit salad, fruit salad" they both screamed and devoured their entire bowls. My oldest who previously was on an orange strike told me while munching them down "wow I do like oranges." Kind of reminds you of a little book called Green Eggs and Ham perhaps?

So lesson #1 for today is don't give up if you kid insists he doesn't like something. Just give it some time and then present the food differently.

And now for an update on my post Junk in the Trunk from the other day:

Lesson #2 for today is don't let your kids run the show when it comes to their nutrition. The only juice we have served in our house is orange juice. that is what my oldest kid grew up on. He gets juice with breakfast and that is it for the day. One day while grocery shopping I gave into his request to try a new juice. We ended up buying some grape juice and he loved it. The problem was once I tried to switch back to orange he insisted he did not like orange juice anymore. I actually let it go for several months but last week I decided to take the situation back again. I much prefer serving orange juice because it is healthier and has less sugar. So last week when I was shopping I bought a new container of orange juice (Minute Maid Kids+ because it is pulp free and extra vitamins) told him this is what we now have, told him it was a new kids juice and served it up. Guess what happened? He loves it now.

So go with your gut. If there is a nutritional choice you feel is important for your family - go ahead and do it.


Nuclear Mom said...

I love fruit salad. That's what we had for breakfast Saturday morning with a side of honey sweetened plain yogurt. It was devoured by all.

We do apple juice in our house lately because I can't do orange juice thanks to the acid. It is my all time favorite though and I also grew up on it.

Oh and Leif is king of not liking something at one sitting, but loving it at the next. This is particularly true with daycare. Supposidly he eats anything and everything in his lunchbox. I know the pickiness gets worse as they grow up though.

Kelly McCants said...

All of a sudden my 6 year old SAYS he hates pb&j finanally one day I just made one for him and put in front of him at lunch. I said nothing and just walked to another room... I came back and the pb&j was inhaled with out complaint. Some times I talk too much and I do not just do things that I know are best.

Lessons learned!