Monday, January 15, 2007

Grocery Store Gripe

Has anyone noticed that grocery stores don’t have baggers anymore? I don’t know about where you live but where I live they are almost non existent. It is driving me crazy lately. I feel bad for the cashiers who have to ring in my enormous order and then turn around to bag it all. I hate it because it wastes time and I hate it because I always feel guilty. Like I should be helping or something.

I stay home full time so I already feel like I work a 14 hour day without pay. The last thing I want to do is go grocery shopping with my two kids in tow and work more for free. When I shop at our big Hanford's store i don’t feel as obligated but when I shop at my local health food/coop the guilt sets in.

Because I am a member of the coop I feel like I have more of an obligation to do this. When I didn’t have children I would actually help bag my own stuff all the time. When I had just one child I would still help out sometimes but give me a break. I have two kids now who are usually at their breaking point buy the time I reach the check out line. I have all I can do to keep them in sight just trying to pay. It drives me frickin’ crazy when the cashier just stands there expecting me to help. I can’t always help you people. Why can’t they just hire more people to help bag?

When I was in high school the grocery stores were flooded with kids working part time jobs bagging groceries. I was one of them. Is it beneath high school kids now? What is the deal?


Nuclear Mom said...

Odd. We seem to have plenty here and they usually offer to carry them out still. Which I never thought I would ever accept someone hauling my groceries out and putting them in my car for me - but amazing things happen when you have a kid in tow.

rockergirrl said...

Wow you are lucky. I remember being 8 or 9 months pregnant with Sal. I was at our local health food store doing a full shopping trip. No one offered to help me out. Once Outside my cart tipped over the curb, all my food spilled out and after sobbing on the ground picking it all up about to pop out a baby - someone finally stopped to help me. I was so mad.

Stacie said...

I prefer to bag my own things because it seems like the baggers and cashiers can never get it right. Most of the time they put only two or three things in a bag and they fall all over the place. They also tend to mix things up and get them out of order which drives me crazy as I like to have certain things put together depending on where they go when I get home. It drives me crazy! A lot of times a bagger will come over and I ask them very nicely if I can do it myself and sometimes they get all offended. However, I can totally see your point. I can understand how you might need a hand with two little kids with you.