Thursday, January 11, 2007

Baby Lotion Product Review

I have to share when I find a great product. This time it is a baby lotion I just love.

First let me say that I am picky about what products I buy to put on my kids skin. Call me a snob, freak, hippie or whatever but I don't like fragrances, artificial colors, animal ingredients or testing, and paraben. I usually have no problem finding products without these ingredients at my local health food store but usually the cost is high. Especially now that I have two kids and we go through the products much faster.

My littlest has very very dry skin. I have been on the search all winter for a lotion that helps heal his skin but does not break my bank and I finally found one.
Rainbow Research creates a whole line of baby products. I tried the shampoo and body wash (hint: you only need the body wash for both the body and hair. They contain the exact same ingredients) because my local Hanford's supermarket actually carried it in their little "natural foods" section. The price was right and I ended up loving it.

The next week I went back for the lotion. Within one day of using it I saw an incredible change in my son's skin. It is the first thing I have found so far that has worked this well for him.

So there you go. Lather up.

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