Saturday, January 27, 2007

14 moves in 15 years

I have figured out that I have moved 14 times in 15 years. That count starts from my first apartment in college after moving out from the dorms until my present location. JB and I alone have moved 5 times since meeting in San Francisco almost 8 years ago.

One year after meeting we were married in June of 2000. Two weeks after our wedding we packed a U-Haul truck and said goodbye to San Francisco as we headed East. We have managed to save all of our moving boxes from those 5 moves broken down in our basement. We have always kept them around because we were used to moving so often it was easier to just keep reusing the same boxes. That has all changed as of today.

This spring will will celebrate 5 years in our present home. If you are doing the math that means we moved 4 times in two years before setting here. We rented our house for the first 4 years of our occupancy and finally bought it in Dec of 2005.

So today I decided the boxes must go. Partly because I am working on creating my studio in my basement but also partly because we have been holding onto the idea that one day we would move back to CA. I can't do it anymore. I cannot live my life like this is my temporary home. I have two children now and I finally feel like I am becoming a part of this community a second time around (I lived here pre- kids, pre-JB, pre-California).

So off to the dump I went today to recycle the boxes. To me however I recycled more than cardboard. Those boxes represented moving back east with my new husband 7 years ago, 4 wonderful places we have lived in since that move and more importantly - feeling like I am finally able to grow some roots here. Even though one day we may move again - for now this is our home.

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