Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iron Bell

I had to share this picture of Enzo that I took the other day. He insisted on being buried up to his neck in snow so he could pretend to just be a head. He managed to still give me an award winning smile.

This picture just took my breath away. It reminded me of how big he is getting. He is growing up so fast. I thought I would share this song I wrote about him after he was born.

Iron Bell

You were a peanut
and I was your shell.
You wanted life
I was your iron bell.
You needed me / as I needed you
You grew inside me
and I just knew.

Second comings
A second chance
A life lost long
Another glance at
life and all its possibilities
I prayed long -
and you came back to me.

Is it fate or was it just meant to be.
A child small / five hours of pushing
You finally came when I called
So little and brown
A head of hair - a body long
My tears burn as I sing this song
of life as its meant to be
My little angel
My little angel thank you for choosing me.


Nuclear Mom said...

Wonderful picture! We also loved your Christmas card. Both boys are so handsome.

erinn said...

oh for PETE'S sake, i'm crying at the computer here. geez kacey!
he is beautiful and that song is beautiful.
now i have to stop reading your blogs and get some crocheting done.