Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Holidays

We had a wonderful holiday. We were going to be alone this year but we ended up having last minute guests and it was such a nice treat. My mother decided she really wanted to see the boys open their gifts from her so her and my father came up on Saturday the 23rd and spent the night. I made home made pasta sauce (I am trying to master my great grandmother's italian recipe) and had a feast. The boys were excited to be able to open some gifts early. I was sad to see them go on Christmas Eve but they headed home to be with my sisters family. It was nice that we got to see them at least.

Enzo was excited to leave homemade cookies and soymilk for Santa and an apple for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. We read the Night Before Christmas and sent two very excited boys off to bed. Sal is still too young to really get what is going on but Enzo is at the perfect age where everything is so magical. It is wonderful reliving the magic of my experiences through him now.

I was up before everyone Christmas morning. I kept waking up every half hour from 5:30 until Sal and Enzo finally woke up at 7:00am. It was torture for me. Enzo was floored when he came down the stairs and found the tree house Santa had left for him. We had a nice morning opening gifts.

JB has an Aunt who lives an hour from us and we ended up inviting them last minute to have Christmas dinner with us. She had just lost her father and her partner had lost his mother all in the span of a week so we thought it might be nice for them to get out of their house and join us. They were thrilled to come. I made a sweet potato strudel, stuffing, green beans and a salad. It was a hit.

New Years Eve was quite. We stayed in. After putting the kids to bed JB and I pigged out on chips and tex-mex dip. By the time the ball dropped our bellies were full of a food and a few beers so we hit the hay with belly aches. New Years resolution was definitely to eat less and exercise more. Happy New Year!

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Nuclear Mom said...

Sounds like a great holiday season! Thanks so much for thinking of us and the book. Leif loves it - he loves blueberries, and we kept reminding him that he has a little buddy named Sal who lives a long ways away.