Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a weekend

Saturday we had our family and friends birthday celebration for Sal. He turns 3 on Wednesday the 14th. My parents came up for the celebration and lots of our friends joined us as well. Sunday was Mothers Day and I had an amazing time. I was treated to a delicious cheddar, mushroom and spinach omelet, some flowers and awesome handmade cards. I sat outside sipping some coffee while JB cooked and I just knew it would be a great day. I was like a kid in a candy store when JB offered to borrow our neighbors truck and pick up my 1/2 yard of soil/compost for my new raised beds. I was out there shoveling soil all day and it felt great. I filled my new raised beds and had extra to add to my herb garden spot and still have extra that for now is just piled in the back of my garden. I planted my vine flowers for the garden fort and built an extension trellis on my deck to grow vines for a privacy wall. We ended the day with a family game of bocce ball and a BBQ. It was a great weekend. Here are some pictures:

Sal about to dig into this home made cake I made him. Double layer super moist vegan chocolate cake with home made butter cream frosting (non vegan)

Some of our good friends who came over on Saturday to help us celebrate.
We took my parents out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Italian of course.

My Mother's Day flowers.

My Mother's Day breakfast. Cheddar, mushroom & spinach omlette, soysauges, decaf coffee in what was my Papa's coffee cup when he was alive.

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