Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy birthday little

This week we celebrated my youngest son's 3rd birthday but two days before would have been my oldest child's 8th birthday. We lost her due to a miscarriage. Ironically she died the exact same day my oldest son was born. My husband and I have always made a flower bouquet from our garden on that day but from this year on we are choosing to celebrate what would have been her birthday instead. So this year on that day we chose to buy a plant and add it to our garden in celebration of her. She left us too early but her memory lives on. I honor her and treat her as if she was my child. She was my first experience with pregnancy and losing her was devastating. It happened very early in our relationship and it was because of her that my husband and I bonded so strongly and stuck together. We married later that year and gave birth to our first son exactly two years later.

Her name is "little" and will always be little. Thank you little for coming into our lives. Even though your time with us was short we love you just as much as if you were with us today.

Happy 8th birthday.

We love you so much.


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