Tuesday, September 18, 2007

R.I.P Long Fin

A few weeks ago we got our kids their first pet. Enzo named him Long Fin because "he has long fins" my son said. They loved him so much. Tonight he died. It was horrible actually. We were getting ready for bed and the kids were watching the fish when all of a sudden he shot straight up to the top of the tank and then just kind of hung there for a moment before just sinking to the bottom. Enzo got very upset. The fish moved a little bit at first and then it became clear he had died. My son kept asking if he was going to get better. We had to finally tell him that Long Fin had died and was not going to come back. This was his first experience with death. He cried very hard as I held him. He asked my husband to take the fish bowl into the other room. He kept saying how unfair it was, that he wanted to still have him as a pet, and that we have not had him long enough. I agreed, cried with him and held him tight.


hk said...

Oh Long Fin, I'm so sorry. Give Enzo a hug for me. :(

Nuclear Mom said...

So sorry about Long Fin. That sucks. We have lost a few fish, but so far Leif has been unaware. He actually noticed that our plecostamus was gone last fall, but was fine with him going "visiting his other fishy friends". Just not something we wanted to broach with a 2 year old. But Enzo is at that age where reality sets in. Poor guy.

J. O'Shea said...

hi kacey,

i'm very sorry to hear about long fin. i enjoy checking in, through the link in vin's blog, to see what you're up to. we're going through many of the same experiences right now (sylvia started kindergarten this fall as well).

i'm taking sylvie to her first indie rock show at the end of october. mates of state. if you haven't heard their last album, bring it back, you should. i kick myself for not taking sylvie to a sleater kinney show before they called it quits.

i hope you and your family are well and i hope further tragedy is limited in your near future.


rockergirrl said...

thanks for checking in Justin. Sylivie will have such a great time at the show. I have not heard of them. I will check them out for sure.

Dad said...

Hey Enzo,

Meme and Grampa are sorry to hear about Long Fin. I hope you are feeling a little better now.

we will see you this coming weekend for your birthday.


Meme & Grampa