Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm trying. I'm really trying to get into the whole public school system thing. I am so used to causal preschool where you go into the building, talk to the teacher, take your time leaving, have a say in what goes on etc. Now we stand outside, see the teacher for a second if we are lucky, and just have to trust the system. Trust the system. This is what everyone keeps telling me I have to do. I was horrified to find out my child who does not drink milk (not because of allergies) now drinks it twice a day because milk is all the school serves at snack and lunch. What? No water? I was told there is a water fountain in the hallway if the children want water. I am not saying milk is like soda or anything here, but I do think water should be served right along side of milk. My DS drinks soy milk with his cereal in the morning and has a cup at dinner time but he has never had a glass of cow milk in his life and now he has to drink it twice a day at school because that is all they offer.

Trust the system? You are talking to a girl who never trusted the system since the day she was born. I was the girl in school who fought the system from as early as I can remember. I remember fighting hall passes, and bells, protesting one year because state did not acknowledge Martin Luther King Day (the next year the school started holding assemblies), it seems I was always rocking the boat in school. I pined over all the kids who went to the nearby Waldorf school system. I never felt like I belonged where I was. I sucked at testing, math and science. I did well in English, Social Studies, music and the arts. I didn't learn the way others learned and because of that I suffered. My point here is that I did not trust the system as a child and I am now finding myself surrounded by those same thoughts and feelings again.

Of course I am much older and wiser now but my core has not changed. This time around instead of total rebellion I will choose to become an active member in the school. Yes Rockergirrl will join the PTO. I firmly believe parents have an important role in public education. There is a place for our opinions and ideas.

Watch out PTO - here I come.

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