Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New! Nursing reminder bracelets

I am cross posting this from my studio blog (sorry if you read both) because it pertains to mama issues.

I will be delivering these new nursing reminder bracelets to Bebop Baby Shop in Essex Jct. Vermont this week.

Nursing reminder bracelets are worn on the mothers writs and easily slipped to the side she needs to nurse on next. Believe me (I nursed two babies) when you are in the fog of a new baby it is very easy to forget which side you need to nurse on at the next feeding. These small bracelets offer a stylish and easy to use reminder.

When I had my first child 6 years ago I needed a reminder. At first I just used one of my hair elastic bands on my wrist. Not only are they not very attractive, but they also tended to be on the tight side. I have always made stretch bracelets so I decided to just wear one of my own instead. I found that the beads I used on my regular bracelets were too large and would dig into my wrist while the baby was resting on my arm nursing.

By the time I had my second child I started to get it right. I started making specific bracelets with smaller, smoother beads for myself and friends specifically as a nursing reminder bracelet I decided to finally make a batch and offer them to the public. I also designed these with more neutral colors. I wanted it to be a bracelet a mom could wear with anything.

Now available at Bebop Baby Shop located online and at 167 Pearl Street, Essex Jct Vermont. Or call 802-316-3069

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Nacho said...

Will also keep you from absent-mindedly feeling yourself up in public as you try to determine which side is more full.