Sunday, January 29, 2006

Listen up!

If you have kids and they have a runny nose and others in your family have been sick - PLEASE STAY HOME!

Of course what Sal picked up (argh) spread to Enzo. Sal is still super sick. Going on a week now. Saturday night Enzo woke up at 11:00 vomiting in his bead. Sal woke up because they now share a room and it took us until after midnight to get everyone cleaned up and back to sleep. I am also now coming down with something which means at some point this week J will have to take off work to care for all of us. Just wonderful.

This used to piss me off when I was still working too. Freakin' people who are obviously very sick and should be in bed come into the office because they feel obligated. They sneeze and cough everywhere spreading their shit everywhere all so they don't look bad for missing work. Then what happens? One by one others get it. STAY HOME and take care of yourself or your kids. Geesh.

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