Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend wrap up.

We had an amazing weekend. On Saturday we celebrated Enzo's 7th birthday with two parties. In the early afternoon we had 4 of his friends over for a Halloween themed party. All the kids came dressed in costumes. I had made origami bats to hang on the clothes line. The best part of the party was the skeleton hunt. I bought a large plastic skeleton that had easy to remove body parts. I took apart all of the arm and leg bones which ended up being 12 separate parts. I then hid them throughout the yard and had the kids find them. Once all 12 were found we worked together to put all the pieces back on the body. It was great fun. The weather was a perfect fall day.

The kids left at 3:00 and then at 4:00 we had invited our close friends to stop by for a second celebration. This one included handmade pizza by me and some yummy VT beers. I made 6 pizzas total. The dough and sauce made from scratch. A second cake went around and everyone was full by the end. I made an apple spice cake but instead of making it a double layer I served one layer during the early party and the second layer in the afternoon.

Colorful trees in our backyard

Enzo posing in front of the origami bats
me and the boys
Skeleton scavenger hunt fun.
Cake time


Nuclear Mom said...

Oh how fun! I am loving the skeleton hunt activity. Filing that away for future use!

hk said...

wowee!! skeleton hunt! However did your creative mind come up with that? That is the best.

I'm glad it was an awesome weekend. and the good weather helps too.

hi eli!