Thursday, October 16, 2008

The perfect slipper

I have been on a search for the perfect slipper. We don't wear shoes in the house so once winter comes slippers are a necessity. Having two kids and a dog the floors get quite messy. It has been a tough challenge though since I have some specific requirements.
  • Eco friendly construction.
  • Cute enough to look like you are wearing shoes around the house but aren't.
  • Comfy enough to feel like you are wearing slippers and not shoes.
I have finally found the perfect pair. The Layaway slipper by Simple. Simple has an amazing line up of eco friendly shoes for men, women and children. You can check out the full line at I will probably purchase mine from Zappos because of their super fast service.

Ok back to the Layaway slipper. I jumped with glee when I saw this slipper. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Felted wool uppers, lined in certified organic cotton knit, coconut buttons,a layered natural crepe outsole, held together with water based cements, and they are super cute to boot.

I know at $59 the price seems a bit steep. I am biting my lip as I contemplate what I am going to do. I wonder if my husband meant spend $59 when he said "buy yourself some slippers online today" as he walked out the door in response to my constant bitching about walking around in wet socks.

My thought process around it being ok is based on these facts:
  • I usually end up spending $10-$20 on a cheapo pair each year that are barely still together by the time spring comes.
  • Since I am home full time I spend more time indoors so this is the equivalent of buying a new pair of shoes for work
  • I need the slippers to be good quality with good soles since I am chasing around two kids and a dog and running up and down stairs all day.
  • Even though I am home full time I need to keep up my "coolness" factor. I can't have the UPS guy see me in pink fuzzy slippers. He might think I just sit around and eat bon bons all day. We can't have that.
I think my reasons are valid don't you? Should I get them?


Vargasgirl said...

I usually don’t comment on your blog, but when it comes to footwear I am the world’s biggest enabler there is, ask NM. I think $59 is a bargain, all the points you make, plus, think they will most definitely last longer than the cheapo’s you are used to buying. So figure it as an investment. You will be saving money in the long run. Plus, the wet socks you are talking about will only lead to a cold and that will cost you more in productivity lost in you home and business than a pair of slippers. I can’t forget to mention the ergonomic benefits of quality slippers, they will save your feet, back, spine and neck from years of pain due to wearing non-ergonomic footwear…have you bought them yet? Or do you need more convincing? I can come up with more…

rockergirrl said...

Oh vargasgirl I am so glad you chose to comment today.

Nuclear Mom said...

They are adorable! (I want a pair... I am going to go look for them.)

Buy them! (I can be a huge enabler.)

no-blog-rachel said...

I don't believe wet socks cause colds but I totally agree with Vargasgirl - the ergonomic benefits make the $59 a very reasonable price. Back/spine/neck issues build up over time and the better care you take of yourself early, the healthier and more energized you're going to feel later!


rockergirrl said...

ok here is my update on the slippers. After finding the boots I decided to put the slippers on my Christmas list so I can get the boots now before they run out and in the meantime I (gulp) bought a pair of cheapo butt ugly slippers just to keep my piggies warm and dry until Christmas. Let's just hope these slippers don't become like the necklace I have BEGGED for the past 3 years and have yet to get. A girl can dream.