Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vacation Review

I am back from vacation. We went to Ogunquit Maine for the week. It was so nice to get away but even better to come home. Taking a break and going away is such good perspective. I realize that despite living so far from the ocean I absolutely love where I live. Ogunquit was nice but a bit too upscale for my liking. They make going to the beach a very exclusive thing. Our cottage was in walking distance to one of the beaches in town if you didn't have two kids, blankets, a cooler and beach toys in tow. Given that walking wasn't an option to us we were stuck driving. Parking at the Ogunquit beaches sucks! All lots were $15 a day or there was one that was $4.00 an hour. What? That is insane. Other beaches I have been too on the Maine/NH seacoast were not like this at all. I found it all to be a bit exclusive. Luckily we ended up finding York Beach which was the next town over and we loved it. It was much more our speed. The parking situation was meters right up against the beach and it only cost $1.00 an hour. Now that was more like it.

Leaving my hometown also makes me realize how crappy the food is in most other places. Being a vegetarian is hard in America. Most of the restaurants cater towards seafood and steak of course so it was pizza for us when we decided to dine out. We found a breakfast spot called The Egg & I in Ogunquit that supposedly had been voted the best breakfast in Southern Maine. I beg to differ. I had an omelet with cheddar cheese, mushrooms and spinach and a side of home fries. I guess I am spoiled because where I come from you can actually get fresh ingredients in your food. The mushrooms in this omelet were from a can, the spinach was soggy like frozen spinach and the home fries were prepackaged frozen home fries. It was nasty. Honestly it was no better than eating at Denny's or a place like that.

At times I wished we had just stayed in our beautiful state and just rented a place on the lake. Where enjoying the water is more accessible and the food is real. We did have a good time though. We took the kids to Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth NH. Oh and if you are ever in Portsmouth you MUST eat at The Friendly Toast. Amazing. Truly amazing. I finally found a restaurant that cooks real food! Great vegetarian options too. We also took the kids to York Wild Kingdom. Kind of a cheesy place but the kids loved it. It was fun to be able to do things with the kids they don't normally do. Arcades, ice cream - most limits were off that week. We all came home with belly aches and 3 extra pounds for me (boo-hoo). I crave fresh vegetables and fruits. Thank goodness it is farm pick up day for us at our CSA Farmshare.

Coming home was wonderful. My yard and garden exploded while we were gone. I have monster tomato plants, small peppers growing, peas and beans reaching for the sky, salad mix begging to be picked and strawberries and blueberries growing plump and juicy. I spent the next day mowing, weeding and harvesting. It was delightful. It was nice getting away but it was wonderful coming home.

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Nuclear Mom said...

I am sorry to hear your vacation was less than stellar. The Egg and I is a popular chain in Colorado too, canned mushrooms and soggy spinach doesn't sound like them.

Like you, I was shocked when we came home from vacation and saw our garden. It was like someone came in and replaced my seedlings with big huge plants!